6 Core Aspects of Jacksonville Local SEO

Most microentrepreneurs are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is an alien term to them, and it sounds like a highly-technical term. Regardless of that, Local SEO is crucial to online success.

Local SEO

There is nothing wrong if you are not familiar with how SEO work, after all, you already have a lot in your hand. A local SEO is more complicated than a regular SEO because it has its different way of practices; therefore it is better to let a professional internet marketing jacksonville handle the task.

Here are six highly-important aspects of Local SEO that you cannot afford to miss:

1. Titles

It is just a common sense that all posts on your website should have a title whether if it’s for SEO or not. When using <title> tags to promote local relevance, consider the following:

  • The title of the page must include your brand name
  • Include unique keywords obtained from keyword research on the title
  • 86% look up the location of the business in Google Map – Add the address of your company’s headquarters, and the area in which it operates.
  • A good title has 70 characters or less

2. Embedded Maps

Google Maps Icon

Embedding a map of your business location from Google Maps (including your Google+ Local Profile) on your website’s “Reach Us/Contact Us” page is a great way to help both the customer and your Local SEO ranking. The map will give more information about your business and will help your customers to easily find you if they want to drop by a visit.

3. Review, and Social Networking Sites

Social media icons

Securing your presence on review sites like Yelp, and Qype or social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter is crucial in promoting your business. You can post your products, services, promos these websites, and your customers may write a review about their experience. If users are searching online for a local business, they will be more likely to transact with you if they can see other customers have left a good review. Google+ Local is also an excellent website to consider.

4. Local Citations/NAP Listings

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is essential for businesses who want to be on top of the local search results. Google and other search engines significantly consider this information when determining which websites will be on the result page for geo-targeted searches.

NAP has a lot of value on your website. You need to consider various things to get the best of it. But, do not worry. You have a local seo fernandina beach fl that will help you with that.

5. Meta Descriptions

Meta Description
Every page on your website must have meta descriptions with it. What are Meta descriptions, by the way? Meta descriptions appear in the search results as snippets which summarize your website’s content (below the website URL). It introduces and attracts users to click on your site, and also helps search engine to have a little more knowledge about the page.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is often not taken into consideration when boosting your website’s ranking. Internal linking helps search engines and users for easy navigation around your site. Remember to link from higher authority pages to lower one, also always link to relevant content that has supplemental information on the topic. But, never go overboard. For a 1,000-word article, 2-3 links are already sufficient.

When we talk about local businesses, there is a misconception that word-of-mouth is already enough since the company caters locals, but it is time for that thinking to be changed. It is the dream of all business owners to expand their reach, and take into consideration that your customers might be living somewhere else, so how can they become aware of your business if you don’t utilize Local SEO? Local SEO plays a significant factor in your success, there are more elements to be considered for a successful local SEO, but the six factors above should never be missed out.

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