Why Jacksonville?

A lot of people would always ask me “Why Jacksonville”?

They are pretty curious as to why I chose to stay in Jacksonville and make it my second home. Here’s my story:

I consider myself as a self-confessed travel bug who loves to understand a different culture. I’ve been to many places and have discovered majestic views (I have some photographs as memoirs). I love traveling, and it’s something that makes me feel alive. Until there was one point in my life when I felt I needed a place which I can call “home.” I mean, I do have a home, but I can’t stay cooped up in my parent’s house all my life. I wanted a place where I could be me.

So, what I did was go over my travel journal (surprisingly, I do write some stuff during trips) and then one item caught my attention. Yes, it was Jacksonville, and I thought, well this could be a nice place to start. The weather was a bit warm for starters, but then I got used to it. I was not disappointed with what I experienced living in Jacksonville.

The city is multi-cultural so, I didn’t have to worry about looking different. The lifestyle is not too expensive as compared to the other larger cities in the U.S. Every day (almost) is like summer, and there are a lot of beaches to choose from where I can surf or simply just enjoy the ocean.

Now, you might ask me “Why Jacksonville?”. The answer is simple. Jacksonville has all the things that I need from the nightlife, recreation, chiropractic clinic, beaches, people, music, art, SEO services and so on. You might be skeptical about my choice but feel free to experience it, too.

In my blog, you’d find out more about how cool Jax can be.

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