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Chiropractic care is a nonsurgical treatment option for herniated discs. Even if you only have lower back pain, your chiropractor will examine your neck, too, for example. With flexion-distraction, you generally need a series of treatments combined with adjunctive ultrasound, muscle stimulation, physiotherapy, supplementation, and at-home treatments (your chiropractor will let you know what those are). For lumbar and cervical herniated discs, conservative (non-surgical) treatments can usually be applied for around four to six weeks to help reduce pain and discomfort. The results are encouraging, since more research is raising questions about the safety and effectiveness of epidural steroid injections for the long-term management of lumbar disc herniation (LDH) and sciatica.

Typically, a small part of the disc is affected, allowing the soft material that makes up the nucleus pulposus to protrude. Whether from simple wear and tear or a sudden injury, sometimes a condition called a herniated disk (also referred to as a slipped or ruptured disk) occurs. All movements are provided and controlled by your chiropractor — not a computer. It’s a natural, non-invasive treatment plan that doesn’t come with the range of negative side effects associated with surgery or painkillers.

Jacksonville, Florida Chiropractic For Herniated Disc

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If we see degenerative disc disease, where the disc is getting smaller than it should be, this indicates that the disc is degenerating and most degenerative discs have a bulging or herniation associated with it. Chiropractic treatment in Duval County, Florida involves adjustments, which are a very gentle, effective way of moving the spine from the misalignment, or the bad position, into the good position and increasing the range of motion and flexibility of the joints. X-rays of the low back may be taken, or the chiropractor might send the patient to an x-ray facility for these films.  A herniated disc can be caused by years of wear and tear on your disc or an injury such as a slip and fall or auto accident.

The good news is that by seeking a chiropractor’s help, you can alleviate the pain associated with a herniated disc while ensuring that it does not progress further. Once a complete diagnosis has been made, a treatment program will be developed to reduce your pain, restore your mobility and heal your disc. If you are having back pain from a bulging disc, you owe it to yourself to seek quality Chiropractic For Herniated Disc so that you can enjoy less pain, improved mobility, and better quality of life.

How can Jacksonville, Florida chiropractic deal with herniated disk?

A herniated disk can be a complicated health matter and must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid complications and chronic pain. Modern science has made a slew of surgeries available as a solution for disc herniations with the results being pretty much permanent. This reduces some of the pressure from the disc, which helps your body to return the disc to its natural position. Intervertebral discs don’t really “slip”—although the phrase “slipped disc” has come into popular usage to refer to bulging, ruptured, or herniated discs. After reviewing this information, your chiropractor can determine if you have an intervertebral disc injury.

This technique can help move the disc away from the nerve, reducing inflammation of the nerve root, and eventually any associated pain and inflammation into the leg (if there is any related to your herniated disc). For example, when a patient has progressive major weakness in the arms or legs due to nerve root pinching from a herniated disc, having surgery sooner can stop any neurological progression and create an optimal healing environment for the nerve to recover. Chiropractors in Jacksonville, Florida treated the patients with specific spinal manipulations based on individual characteristics, including results from the MRI that demonstrated the area and type of herniated disc.

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Chiropractic in Jacksonville, Florida 32202 is a preferred treatment method for many patients with bulging disc because it is non-invasive and does not involve drugs or injections. This escaped material can press on your spinal nerves, causing pain in the neck and back, often with referred symptoms to the arms or legs. In some cases a patient would not benefit from chiropractic care and nonsurgical treatment is not enough to correct the problem.  If it’s frequent heavy lifting or particularly strenuous exercise, a little bit of rest and relaxation may be in order.

Spinal bones are made to move a certain way, and the only way that the disc gets nutrition and remains healthy is when the bones are moving properly above and below the discs. If the patient senses a decreased sharp sensation that means that the sensory nerves, that come out and shoot down into the arms and into the legs, are being affected. When we do rehabilitative exercises, we strengthen and stabilize the muscles around the spine.